Friday, January 27, 2012

Dump Congress

            For decades, voters have been deceived into thinking that professional politicians are preferable to citizen legislators, in defiance of the system instituted by our forefathers, designed to limit the absolute power that corrupts absolutely.
An NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll released today shows that 56% of registered voters think the entire Congress should be replaced.  Perhaps, Americans are beginning to realize the best solution to such things as influence peddling, lobbying, PAC’s, 24/7 campaigning, and ignoring the public, has been available all along. 
An obvious reason for elections is to remove people that fall short in performance and integrity, otherwise, politicians would be elected once and hold an office for life.  Lifetime officeholders are not what The Framers intended and recent history demonstrates their wisdom in realizing this.  ZERO INCUMBENTS!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

The End of Global Warming

Those who reject the Creator, or doubt His ability to sustain His creation, have within their grasp, a solution to one of their concerns for planet Earth.  Fears of global climate change, formerly known as global warming, caused by greenhouse gases can now be laid to rest.
According to data released by the EPA, 72 percent of the offending gases are released by power plants.  Clearly, converting these plants to nuclear power will reduce the bulk of greenhouse gases, thereby saving the planet, and allowing government agents to release their chokehold on the oil, gas, and transportation industries. 
I’m guessing this won’t happen.  When the greenhouse gas scare is over, the regulations and expenditures will continue, and government officials will invent a new disaster to expand control over our lives and fortunes.  Remember the ozone hole that was supposedly caused by auto exhaust emissions and leaking Freon?  The hole was determined to be a naturally occurring event, but Americans are still burdened with regulations that require spending billions of dollars for vehicle emission systems, inspections, inefficient gasoline, and replacement of air conditioning equipment.
It is strange that humans will reject the Creator who gives them the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, to depend on the gods of government that seek to strip their subjects of these same endowments, with far-reaching regulations and restrictions under the guise of saving the planet. 
It is past time for our government officials to quit assuming the prerogatives of God and devote their efforts to peace and tranquility.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

He Had A Gun

            Perhaps, it was suicide by cop.  Maybe, it was just a foolish juvenile act.  Unlikely, it was an attempt to murder, since the weapon was a pellet pistol.  Whatever the case, when noticed, the presence of the “gun” brought a wave of hysteria to the Brownsville, Texas middle school and police officers arrived twenty minutes later, to end the threat with bullets.  Within moments of their arrival, a fifteen-year-old boy lay dead with gunshot wounds to his chest and back of head.
            On the day before this event, a seventeen-year-old boy walked into a Bartlesville, Oklahoma tech school with a loaded 9mm pistol in his belt.  When noticed, an instructor and a security guard confronted the teen and took the gun.  After his arrest, the boy told police he brought the gun to sell it.
            Two youthful acts of foolishness with two different results.  Perhaps, demonstrating that when there is a “take no prisoners” attitude, people “shoot first and ask questions later,” but where cooler heads prevail, the body count is lower.