Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's Trade Places or Politicians

According to the Senate Budget Committee’s ranking member, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, in 2011, the yearly welfare expenditure for recipients in the U.S., was an average of  $59,523 per household.  After more than fifty years in the workforce, and paying into Social Security, my household retirement benefit is less than half that amount.  Expressed another way, for every welfare household that receives the same amount mine receives in Social Security benefits, there is a household that receives around $100,000 per year in welfare payments. 
Interestingly, we are being told that the system funded by hard-working Americans is destined to collapse unless we cut benefits, while welfare expenditures continue to rise.  To balance the scale, perhaps, we should put welfare recipients on Social Security, and Social Security recipients on welfare.  Or better yet, we should replace the politicians that are doing nothing to stop the rising need for welfare and the collapse of the retirement program that generations of Americans funded with their own money.