Monday, July 16, 2012

The Obvious Healthcare Solution

            Someone has said the “obvious is not always so obvious” and it seems the solution to providing healthcare in the U. S. is not so obvious, though it should be to a nation that has a long history of providing healthcare to certain groups.  Among these groups are American Indians and Military Veterans.  My personal experience as a member of both groups is this:  I may use these healthcare services, or I am free to purchase insurance and use the private healthcare system.  Many veterans and Indians choose to use the private healthcare system because they do not like the “no frills” care offered in clinics, but for those that cannot afford private healthcare, these facilities provide the safety net they need.
            Why not expand these government-operated systems to include all citizens?  All people will then have access to affordable healthcare based on income, and people that do not like the clinic atmosphere will be free to purchase private healthcare.  The inherent checks and balances of competition, supply, and demand are obvious:  When insurance rates or medical costs are too high, people will opt for the Public Health Service clinics.  When private costs fall, people will use private healthcare. 
            Drug companies, insurance companies, medical equipment companies, and medical care providers will be forced to earn your business, rather, than milking the “cash cow” that has existed in the industry for far too long.