Thursday, October 27, 2011

Arab Spring?

            In his editorial, titled, “Gadhafi Bites the Dust … What’s Next?” ( Cal Thomas is spot on in his assessment of the “Arab Spring” and U.S. involvement.
            Perhaps, the biggest mistake in dealing with Islam is thinking it is a political system that can be changed with revolutions, demonstrations, civil disobedience or popular vote.  Islam is not a political system.  It is a religion that given opportunity, controls every political system where it gains a foothold.  Because Islam was conceived to oppose Christians and Jews and the Koran sanctions killing them, adherents will not be satisfied until these two groups are exterminated and all other “infidels” are assimilated into their belief system.  Add to this, the fact they are instructed to patiently wait for the opportunity, to use any means available to accomplish their goals and it should be understood that believers in the Koran cannot be trusted, irrespective of their political system.
            How bizarre, that our political leaders seem to fear Christianity that is based on a descendant of Israel who loved all people and willingly became their sacrifice for sins, while supporting a religion based on hatred of Israel’s Children and Christians.


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