Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't Send It Here

            Canada announced that because the U.S. Government is refusing to approve a pipeline to transport oil to refineries along the Gulf Coast, their government will seek to sell their oil to other countries, including China.  This is another in a long list of projects over the past 50 years that those who worship the creation more than the Creator have stymied.  Here’s guessing the Chinese Government will not be influenced by earth worshippers seeking to derail its efforts to do what is necessary, to supply energy for their people, and that China will eagerly build all the tankers and facilities needed to transport Canada’s oil to their country.
            Strange, those so-called “godless” Communists think their people are more important than flora and fauna, while “Christian” America has trouble with the concept.


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  1. Jim ..your right in thinking that China will build tanker ships to transport the foreign oil to China. China now has surpassed the USA, in Foundry Casting facilities. They are now the one of the Worlds largest industrial steelmakers. They also have the alloy and carbon resources to be the largest in that industry. The USA, has fallen off the map as a Foundry industrial power do to the greenhouse legislation instituted in the 1980-90's period. The USA, imports or builds plants in other Countries now to oversee that problem of producing production items that need casting abilities. Once again the related earth worshipers as you presented will win the the battle of saving mother earth and a qualmish feeling of disgust at those who demur there opinions of sort with a lackadaisical impression for the thoughts and opinions of others.