Thursday, January 24, 2013

Second Amendment Refugees

Clearly, those that would infringe the right to keep and bear arms outnumber law-abiding citizens that respect the Second Amendment in some areas of the United States.  This is demonstrated by the fact that these areas continue to elect politicians that seek to overturn, wire around, or simply ignore our Constitution. 
Perhaps, it is time to organize a Second Amendment Refugee program, under which, any citizen of the United States fleeing one of these areas because of belief in the Second Amendment, is granted asylum in a State that respects the U.S. Constitution.  This will involve helping these refugees with relocation and living expenses until they find suitable housing and employment.  Existing assistance programs could be used for this by reallocating monies presently given to individuals that have no desire to find employment.  It is also possible that a program to exchange these non-working individuals for Second Amendment Refugees can be instituted.
A primary benefit of this program will be that the votes of these refugees will no longer be cancelled by larger numbers of Constitution opponents, and in marginal areas, the influx of refugees will swing the balance in favor of those that respect the Constitution, particularly, the Second Amendment. 
Of course, the down side for areas abandoned by the refugees is that the dampening effect on crime and oppressive government, created by the uncertainty that some victims may be armed, will be removed.  This will allow criminals both in and out of government the security of knowing the armed refugees are no longer among them.  However, those who see no need for the Second Amendment should not mind this minor inconvenience.  Millions before them have sought to resist crime and oppression with pitchforks and shovels against guns.
All in all, this proposal seems the best of all solutions for everyone:  Those that prefer to ignore the wisdom of our Founders and reinvent history will have unbridled opportunity to live with their belief that an unarmed citizenry is more secure than an armed citizenry.  Those that understand the purpose of the Second Amendment and agree with the wisdom of the Founders that enacted it will also continue to live with their belief in the Second Amendment and the freedom it secures.  In ten years or less, the worth of the Second Amendment should be obvious.


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